11 Simple Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive On a Budget

Make The Home Decor Feel Luxurious

You do not need a huge budget for an elegant and stylish home decor. What you really require is a tad of creativity and an eye for that luxury touch, and you will have a home that has opulence and glamour.

To get to that point, ask yourself this “What does luxury mean to you?”. And don’t think one second that all luxury homes comes with expensive accessories and furniture. Instead define your own taste of style in home décor and design it while planning certain elements to convert your home into one lavish escape.

You can accomplish this by getting creative ideas from design magazines or books and Pinterest. Either resources will provide a nice insight into the interior design whilst helping you decorate the home much like a professional.

Here are 11 Inexpensive Home Decor Tips

1. Use Lighting

Without question, lighting can have an impact on the mood in the home. By installing the right fixtures, you will have the right ambience of luxury in your home. One simple and very effective method is to install light dimmers to set both the comfortable and lavish decor feel.

A dramatic lighting or a beautiful chandelier can also introduce a sense of glamour and luxury to your house. This doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg, except the time to find it in second-hand stores and at the flea markets. Alternatively, you can try the DIY solution give the fixture a dose of metallic spray paint for some glamorous appeal.

2. Be Clutter-Free

Minimalism and simplicity are just another main component of luxurious home decor. By getting rid clutter from the home, you will allow those hidden and wonderful features shine out and exude more general appeal. Truly, this is an easy and totally “free of cost” to clear up the home and turn it into that lavish sanctuary where gorgeous and tasteful details, as well as soft, plush fabrics come into more attention.

Be sure that every thing in the home has a purpose because it will allow you to keep the clutter in check and keep an open, pristine and airy ambience.

3. Opt For a Rich Palette

When it comes to home decor, colors can provide inspiration and at a low price. With the correct hues, you can produce that rich and layered decor in the home and that welcoming, warm atmosphere.

Soft, neutral tones will give a sense of simple elegance whilst the colors purple, deep blues and red will create a royal appeal. But, bare in mind that colors can affect individual’s state of mind, and you should choose the right hues to suit the function of one particular area or room.

For example, for the bedroom, opt for a warm, soothing, and stylish palette of layered beige, blues and soft grey. For that timeless flair, go for neutral shades but layer them to have that rich, warm look.

Also to get more dark and dramatic color designs, go with an unobtrusive backdrop. For example, navy cushions, drapes or throws can blend well with a subtle base. But if you want the bold, dramatic color patterns, go with contrasting elements.

4. Decorate The Walls

A great way to add more character to the area is to decorate it with gorgeous wall accessories. Artwork from painting, posters or inspirational quotes will give the home decor a unique and creative personality to the home. It is an expression of your taste and style. For a really luxurious appeal and impact, choose over-sized wall hanging artwork.

Alternatively use wallpaper to dress up the walls. Just make sure the wallpaper design will suit the general home decor. Textured wallpaper design with metallic finishes and beautiful patterns can provide that sophisticated and it is an affordable option for that luxurious home decor.

5. Tasteful Furniture

Furniture plays another key feature in the room and creates a specific atmosphere. For the luxurious look, opt for a simple, elegant furniture design to create an impact, but one that is not overbearing.

For example, for a cozy living room go with a modern sophisticated lounge that has clean lines with upholstered edges. It will help bring out a luxurious and beautiful comfort to any home. Again you do not have to spend big to get that lavish decor.

6. Dress Up The Windows

Embellishing the windows will give an extravagant decor to your home. This is a simple tip, but very highly effective and best of all, budget-friendly.

To create the luxurious vibe go with heavy, long drapes that will give a tad puddle on the floors. This will exude sophistication and elegance, and as well, the soft texture will provide comfort to the home.

7. Add Lush Materials

Specific materials, like marble and wood represents home decor luxury. Although it may sound expensive, you can achieve it without going broke. For example, use tile that gives the appearance of wood or implement it on a smaller scale. Or if you want marble, you can opt for tile backdrop or marble shelves.

8. DIY Projects

If you are handy with DIY, you can start a variety of creative projects to give the home an outstanding feature. Implementing crown molding to the home is one simple and infinitely stylish DIY project to attempt.

To upgrade the home and on a budget, crown molding provides a classic and subtle option. Other DIY projects that can give a sense of luxury include chair railing, and over-sized baseboards.

9. Provide Some Nature

Fresh or faux flowers and plants can provide beautiful accent details for a luxurious home decor. Consider decorating the coffee tables, side tables to the counter-tops.
Fresh flowers will give the home a lovely scent and create an atmosphere of elegance, beauty and comfort. Plant greenery will give the home more appeal and comfort. Also, splashes of green will adds more depth to any neutral decor.

10. Add Metallic Finishes

For a midas touch of lavishness, consider metallic finishes to the home. It is simple and an affordable option. Look at changing up the knobs, faucets, locks to the general hardware. Or you can spray paint to give a refreshing uplift. For that glamorous decor, opt for glossy finishes to make the home brighter. You can easily find amazing and unique pieces from hardware stores, antique shops, and even, at flea markets. This easy DIY can give more glamour and plush to the home.

11. Let The Hardwood Floors Speak

If you have hardwood floors, don’t hide them under the carpet. Instead, dress the floor up a little with rugs. Stylish and elegant rugs can bring the rooms together, and create elegant palettes while still allowing hardwood floors to stand out. Faux sheep-skin rugs are inexpensive, yet soft and elegant, which gives that feeling of coziness to the home. And for a vintage flair, antique rugs will do the trick. You can also find beautiful antique rugs at flea markets to second-hand stores.

Design a luxurious and beautiful home decor can be simply done on a budget. With enough resource and inspiration, you can easily design a room that showcases opulence and elegance with the 11 steps above.

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