Cheap Home Decor Hack That Makes A Room Look High End

Here’s how you make the most of ceramics. Here is a simple cheap home decor tip that will turn any room to an expensive looking decor by simple using ceramic decor.  Hence if you have ceramics, flaunt them around in your room as it give a good warmly feel.   Here’s how you make the most of ceramics::

Put all the whites in one collection

Go through your utensil inventory, pick out all white pots made of ceramics, and band them together as one collection. Then flaunt them as much as you please. It’s best you display the collection on the shelf. Only ensure the backdrop colour where the display seats is of a different colour.

There’s beauty in abundance

White ceramic collection composed of items of the same colour and shape tend to look more beautiful. Put them together as a group, and what you would have is a mind blowing home decor display.

Put them where they can be easily seen

What’s the point of having beautiful piece of ceramics lying around your home when you barely see it? Put them where it you can see them every day – place them on the centre table of the living room.

If you plan on displaying two different ceramic piece, ensure they are of different patterns.

Layering matters

Mixing up ceramics of different colours can give a room a stunning home decor look. Vary strong colours with different hues. If white is your favourite colour, for instance, use it as a reference for the entire interior design scheme. Flex as much as possible. Your primary goal is to make a bold statement.

The rule of three

Best home décor practices require that ceramic items be placed in a group of three. Why? Items placed in group are more attractive to the eyes than standalone items. For more visual appeal, add a central tall point.

Place similar objects in the same group

A shelf is a good place to display aesthetic items. However, if the items aren’t well arranged, your room could look messy. Avoid this problem by placing items of the same colour, shape, and material type in the same shelf unit.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to grouping items – they mustn’t match exactly. A common feature is enough to keep them together.


Hang the plates

If you have beautiful ceramic plates, and wish to display them, have them hanged on the wall. This will work even if the plates are of different colours.

Add some warmth to your room

A bland room can be brought to life by simply adding of plates, provided they are properly hung. Try adding a white countertop as well.

Use contrasting materials

Make a ceramic material pop by contrasting it with a different object. If it is a white vase you want to make pop, surround it with a glass bowl and a silver mug.

Make the shades stronger

Less sometimes means more. If you want your wall to stand out, hang a vase of, say, white or amber. This simple makeup can make your room fly.

Clash colours

Spice up the wall of your room by hanging ceramic dishes of bright colours. If they are patterned, place them against a yellow backdrop. Whether the dishes are of the same design or not, this combo will still work.

That’s it, an easy and cheap home decor idea by simply taking advantage of the beauty of ceramics and jazzing up the room .