DIY Home Decor Ideas For a Nice Looking Home

A damaged or unsightly window can give your home a really ugly look.

Left on its own, plastic blinds or even, vertical blinds will ruin the beauty of a home. However, with a little enhancement they can supercharge the aesthetic appeal of a home and overall home decor.

Getting the biggest bang for your bucks on window treatment will require you mastering the art of shopping around for the right type of material. Additionally, knowing exactly how to hang the material is equally important. Here are 3 simple diy home decor ideas.

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DIY Home Decor Idea 1: Hang White Linen Curtain on a Black Rod

A white linen curtain on a black rod looks incredibly fascinating. The mix looks like a tux on a white shirt.

DIY Home Decor Idea 2: Shop for cheap classic material

It is possible to find curtain materials that are cheap and are of high quality. A good example is the Ikea Lenda curtain. Aside being cheap, it last pretty long. If you are looking to create a formal setting with Ikea Lenda Curtain, add a black-out liner which is just a heavy, thick drape material. But if filtering sunlight and adding privacy to a room is your primary concern, the curtain is enough. Ikea has made hanging the curtain easy by adding a heading tape which makes it easy for hooks, curtain rings and pleats to be fixed at the snap of the finger.


DIY Home Decor Idea 3: Tips to effective use of curtain rings

With curtain rings, closing and opening curtains become easy peasy. Curtains with rings attached to them have more aesthetic appeal, and it’s very easy to handle.

How to Hang a Curtain

A room with curtains hung very close to the ceilings will give the illusion of a high building. Hanging the curtains close to the roof is a good way of giving your room a dramatic appearance.

To make the windows in your room appear larger than they are, add some extensions to the drapery rod. 10 to 15cm extension will do the magic. This is a good way getting more out of your room’s window.

As a rule of thumb, hang curtains in such a way that their tip never touches the ground. It must be at least five centimetre off the ground. If this won’t be possible – probably due to the extreme length of the curtain – use a pin to hem the curtain to the desired length. Should this make the curtain shorter, stylishly add some more fabric.

There you have it, simple diy home decor tips and tricks!

Must See Home Decor Images::
6 DIY Home Decor Examples For a Stunning Wall
31 Awesome DIY Home Decor Ideas