Easy DIY Decorating Tips To Jazz Up Your Home

Looking to give your home a complete jaw dropping home decor makeover? Bet you do, even if not now – perhaps later. Let’s see some of creative ways to give your home an enthralling look.

DIY Home Decorating 1 – Change the Arrangement of Furniture

A cluttered and ugly looking home came be given a transformational look by the mere rearrangement of furniture. You don’t have to spend money buying decorative stuff.

Rather than allowing that sofa sit at the lounge, why not move it to the corner of your bedroom?

Moving out furniture from the lounge to the bedroom, or, say, living room makes the lounge appear bigger and more comely. So, move as much furniture as you can, including the couches.

Take stock of the items in your home. This should include vases, lamps, chairs and the host of others. Change the way they are arranged, and you would be surprised the way your home will dazzle.

DIY Home Decorating 2 – Put Artworks on the Wall

Like furniture, moving artworks, especially the old ones, around could give your home a dazzling new look. Even better, hanging memorabilia on frames might be what your home needs.

Ever thought of making a styled vignette out of a picture that seems to have lost touch? Creating styled vignette out of old pictures not only unclutter your home, it gives you a fresh perspective to an otherwise old picture. A cluttered home is one characterized by too many scattered stuff.

Loading up old pictures in cabinets and cupboards is a no-no. A cupboard filled with loads of similar items look cluttered, and a cluttered cupboard isn’t what you want in your home.

A better bet: making a styled vignette out of old pictures.

Another creative way to give your home a facelift is by planting as much flowers as possible, setting up a candle or two there, putting up lamps at strategic points; just be creative.

Diy Home Decor 3 – Flowers and Candles

Creating a scintillating room isn’t a walk in the park – every piece of item needs to sit right where they ought to. There has to candles and sculptural forms to save the rooms a sparse look, alongside a styled vignette. Putting up flickering lights isn’t a bad idea, and they don’t cost so much.

Flowers are beautiful set of items that can’t just be found missing in your home. They are a beautiful to behold and their fragrance is pleasing to the nose. Flowers should top out other decorative item you have on your list – a must for a lovely home decor.